Ace is fluent in many languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Mandarin. Ace loves to travel and has a job, but no one knows what that is.



Casey was trained as a sheep-herder and moved to the city to become a dog-walker and babysitter. Dogs and babies love Casey, who also fosters little kittens and gives them the extra love and attention they need!



Charlie is a sound engineer whose career started on tour with Danger Mouse. Now, Charlie gets contracted to work some of the biggest names in music and tries to get to Philadelphia for cheese steaks -- a favorite -- whenever possible.



Drew is a licensed love therapist who mends broken hearts with the swish of a tail and a head butt. Drew loves watching romcoms and biopics, and is a serial Netflix binge-watcher.


Jordy is an avid sailor, fortune hunter and -- it is rumored -- a bounty hunter, but never talks about that. Jordy often goes deep sea fishing, hangs on the beach with friends, and loves to cook the catch-of-the-day!



Kai is certified in Shiatsu and Reiki, loves sushi, and spends free time promoting relaxation and meditation. Kai also is an amatuer small craft brewer and visits local breweries and pubs to sample their house-made beverages. Kai often joins Syd on Sundays to volunteer at their local no-kill shelter.



Mel is Broadway musical-obsessed and knows the lyrics to every song from every musical every performed but will never sing them in the presence of others unless practicing the fine art of Karaoke. Chardonnay and pinot are Mel’s favorite wines.



Nico is a mixologist and licensed therapist who specializes in listening and doling out advice while mixing specialty juices and cocktails. Nico loves to barbeque and dreams of competing against Bobby Flay one day.



Quinn trained at the renowned Culinary Institute of America and works as a private chef for famous people but will never divulge their names. Quinn frequents restaurants that feature tuna and yogurt on the menu -- but Quinn enjoys other places and foods, too!



Stevie is a movie buff but is not a snob about it. On the side, Stevie is an excellent pizza maker. He and Drew often get together to rent movies and make or go out for pizza. They prefer thin crust.



Syd is a barista and tea brewer who creates amazing cappuccinos. Syd also likes to bake and invites friends over on the weekends for brunches, lunches and afternoon tea. On Sundays, Syd volunteers at the local no-kill shelter, offering cuddles and love to kitties waiting to find their forever homes.



Tyler is a cat and just likes to hang with cats. Period. Tyler’s favorite activities are squeezing into small boxes, playing with tissue paper, and enjoying a little cat nip at the end of a long day.